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SH-2001 Automatic Pocket setter

2018.07.25 17:46 563 0





- This is the latest series of automatic pocket setter can carry out all processing works automatically, folding the pocket, placing and setting the folded pocket, sewing and stacking the sewn product, there by resulting in substantial labor savings.

- Specially this automatic pocket setter to sewing Jeans, cotton wear, knit wear, Casual and Ladies wear clean and neatly.

- The presser plate clamping the folded pocket cloth is double-structured retractive type so that both outside row and inside row sewing can be achieved with consistency and no fabric slippage.

- The programmer connected to the main unit of the pocket setter can be easily input with data. The adjustment of speed and stitch length can be made easily.

- The adoption of powerful AC servo Motor on the sewing head and both carriage positions allows the high-speed and accurate work.

- It’s to be solving Double sewing with bartacking together.

- The pocket style jig can be easily and quickly replaced and adjusted.

- The stacker, being equipped as standard, is automatically operated to stack the finished product.

- The space between the folding unit and the sewing machine is wide enough for new material to be set and sewn for overlap work.

  • SH-2001
  • 800 pcs. ( per 8 hours a day)
  • 1,880mm * 1250mm * 1500mm
  • 220V